Job Vacancies (JAPANESE)
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Teach in YIT

I. Job Title: Japanese Teaching

Job Description: Oral Japanese; Academic Japanese Writing; The Society and Culture of Japanese Countries.

II. Requirements:

1. Native Japanese Speaker;

2. Bachelor's degree or above.

3.The candidate should have at least two years teaching experience;

4. Strong ambition and high sense of responsibility are desirable;

5. With both mental and physical health; under 65 years old;

III. Salary

16 teaching hours a week/RMB 7000 or above per month.

In addition to salary paid per month, school will provide RMB1100 as tour allowance for each semester.

IV. Living treatment:

1. School provides an apartment equipped with necessary facilities. Foreign teachers pay the expense of water & electricity, gas, telephone and Internet.

2. School provides medical insurance which covers foreign teachers’ working period.

3. For the foreign teacher whose stay is only one semester, the host institute will reimburse a one-way international flight fare of economic class; for those whose period of stay is one academic year, the institute will reimburse a two-way international flight ticket of economic class.

V. Please email or fax us the following documents if you have the intention to be with us:

1. Resume;

2. A duplicate copy of your graduation certificate from your college or university (if possible, provide a copy of your certificate of TEFL/TESL);

3. A duplicate copy of the first page of your passport attached the photo;

4. Contact person and telephone number if you worked inChinabefore.

Please contact: Cindy

International Exchange & Cooperation Department

Address: No.1 Mid.Xiwang Avenue,Yancheng,Jiangsu, P.R. China

Post code: 224051

Tel.: 86-515-88298113

Fax :  86-515-88399183



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