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Teach in YIT

I. Job Title: English Teaching

Job DescriptionOral EnglishEnglish LiteratureAcademic English WritingThe Society and Culture of English CountriesEnglish for Science and Technology.

II. Requirements:

1. Native English Speaker;

2. Bachelor's degree or above. TEFL, ESL, TESOL certificate holder is desirable;

3. The candidate should have at least two years teaching experience;

4. Strong ambition and high sense of responsibility are desirable;

5. With both mental and physical health; under 65 years old;

III. Salary

1. For one to teach English Language, who is assigned no more than 16 teaching hours a week: RMB 7000 or above per month.

2. For one to teach specialty, who is assigned no more than 14 teaching hours: 8000 or above per month

In addition to salary paid per month, school will provide RMB1100 as tour allowance for each semester.

IV. Living treatment:

1. School provides an apartment equipped with necessary facilities. Foreign teachers pay the expense of water & electricity, gas, telephone and Internet.

2. School provides medical insurance which covers foreign teachers’ working period.

3. For the foreign teacher whose stay is only one semester, the host institute will reimburse a one-way international flight fare of economic class; for those whose period of stay is one academic year, the institute will reimburse a two-way international flight ticket of economic class.

V. Please email or fax us the following documents if you have the intention to be with us:

1. Resume;

2. A duplicate copy of your graduation certificate from your college or university (if possible, provide a copy of your certificate of TEFL/TESL)

3. A duplicate copy of the first page of your passport attached the photo

4. Contact person and telephone number if you worked inChinabefore.

Please contact Cindy

International Exchange & Cooperation Department

Address No.1 Mid.Xiwang Avenue,Yancheng,Jiangsu, P.R. China

Post code 224051

Tel. 86-515-88298113

Fax :  86-515-88399183


I. Categories and Qualifications of Enrolling International Students

1. Chinese Language Training: 18-55 years old in good health

2. Undergraduate Students (Bachelor Degree): Over 18 years old; In good health; High school diploma or above; HSK3

Applicants without HSK3 are required to attend the Preparatory Courses first.

II Chinese Training Programs


1. Short-term Students: This type of students will receive intensive training in Standard Chinese within 6 months aiming to enable them to learn enough for daily living inChina. Special courses can be offered on the basis of students’ specific requests.

2. Long-term Students: This type of students will mainly study basic Standard Chinese. This period of schooling must be over 6 months. Students are taught according to their Chinese language level (elementary, intermediate, advanced). Upon completion of the program, an examination is administered. Those who pass this examination will be issued a Study Certificate by YCIT, and will be eligible to enroll in a regular undergraduate program in the University.

3. Group Program:

Mid or long –term training

Short-term study and sightseeing

Cultural Experience: visits to places of historic interests and getting more acquainted with Chinese culture and history.


Chinese Reading and Writing (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced), Listening Comprehension, Conversation, Selected Reading of Newspaper, Listening Comprehension of Broadcasting, HSK Comprehensive Practice, Contemporary Hot Topics in China

Selective Courses: Calligraphy, Kongfu, Chinese painting, Chinese Cuisine and Folk dance so on.

Note: We offer courses specially designed to meet your needs.

III. BA Disciplines Available for International Students

Machinery Design and Automation

Industrial Engineering

Process Equipment and Control Engineering

Electric Engineering and Automation

Electronic Information Engineering


Computer Science and Technology

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Applied Chemistry

Environmental Engineering

Ocean Technology

Biological Engineering

Foodstuff Engineering

Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering

Polymer Materials and Engineering

Metallic Materials and Engineering

Engineering Management

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Textile Engineering

Civil Engineering

Light Chemical Engineering

Business Administration

Financial Management

Information Management and Information System


International Trade

Chinese Language and Literature

English Language and Literature

Tourism Management

Environmental Art Design

Industrial Design

Costume Design and Engineering

. Yancheng Institute of Technology offers considerate services to international students:

To recommend excellent students to work with you in pairs

Pick up freshman atShanghaiorNanjingwith no charge for the first time .

Assistance with registration, physical-check, application for residence permit;

Arrange a variety of extracurricular activities;

Organize cultural experiences inJiangsuProvince.

Offer selective courses relating to Chinese culture:

Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Cuisine, Kongfu, Chinese History and Culture, Chinese Tourism and Geography, Chinese Movie Appreciation, Table Tennis, and so on.


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