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Overall cost

Overall cost




Textbook Fee

1000 yuan


Purchased uniformly by school, excess payment shall be refunded and deficiency   shall be repaid. (It shall be paid off, or you cannot get registration.)

Exchange students Program Tuition Fee


According to the friendly cooperative school agreement

Language Program

Tuition Fee

11,000 yuan


For one year or more, 40% scholarship is available

6,000 yuan


The school offers a scholarship of 1000 yuan for one semester of study

Undergraduate Program

Tuition Fee

13,000 yuan


Jiangsu government scholarship for overseas study or Yancheng Institute of   Technology Scholarship for International Students is available.

Accommodation Fee


3000 yuan


Internet, Electricity and Water bills should be paid by students themselves

Medical Insurance

600 yuan


Students are required must to pay for medical insurance each year.

Other Expenses

One-off health check

About 350 yuan


The hospital designated by the police station within 24hs after arriving   at YIT

China Residence Permit (Visa)



Subject to actual charge of Immigration Office of Yancheng Municipal Public   Security Bureau.


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