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About Yancheng

Yancheng—A Pearl Along the Coast of the Yellow Sea

Yancheng City enjoys a long history of more than 2100 years and thus claims a deep and profound culture. It is now an energetic coastal city open to the outside world with outstanding regional advantages owing to the fact that it is within the economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai Economic Circle, two most developed economic centers in China.

Yancheng city also enjoys convenient transportations with express highways and high-speed railways linking the city to Shanghai, Nanjing, Xuzhou and other neighboring cities within 1.5-3 hours of travel. The city has an airport with international flight to Seoul, South Korea, and national flight to Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Harbin. Railways run directly to Beijing, Harbin, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao and other cities. With these and Dafeng City Harbor, a first-class open port, Yancheng claims the convenience of air, water, and land transportations.

Yancheng City is also a newly-developed manufacturing base with support industries like automobile(number-one support industry), machinery, textile, chemical industry, light industry, energy resources. Yancheng City is a renowned “automobile city” with many years’ successful cooperation with KIA Inc.,Co.,Ltd..


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