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Introduction to application process

Author: 留学生办公室   Source:留学生办公室    release time: 2022-04-12

I.Application Documents

1. E-mail application (liuxuejiangsu@163.com)

2. Online application (http://ycit.liuguanbao.com)

Fill in Application Forms online in Chinese or in English and submit the following documents as required:

(1)Application Form

(2)Scholarship Application Form(Only for undergraduate program)

(3)The Final Diploma (with an official seal)

(4)The Final Transcripts (with an official seal)

(5)University Entrance Transcript(If any)

Please note: Original Documents mentioned above (Item3-5) in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

(6)The bio page of valid passport (The passport is valid for at least 18 months, otherwise it will not be accepted)

(7)The latest Chinese Visa or Chinese Residence Permit(If any)

Please note: Consequences of concealing the experience in China are borne by the applicants themselves.

(8)Certificate of bank savings(at least $5000)

(9)Health Insurance Application Form

(10)Foreigner Physical Examination Form(This form is uniformly printed by the Health and Quarantine Department of China and shall be filled in English. All applicants shall do physical examination for each item according to the relevant requirements. The form will be invalid with incomplete items, no photo, no official stamp or signature of physicians.)

(11)Proof of Language Proficiency. For undergraduate program, Chinese Language Proficiency test (HSK) report (Level 4 or above) must be provided.

(12) Criminal Record Check

*The above mentioned Item12910 can be downloaded at


II.Application Steps

Step1: Finish application and submit all documents in e-mail or online.

Step2: Check the answer ine-mail or online(ycit.liuguanbao.com)

Step3: Take a face-to-face interview or interview on the phone

Step4: After being admitted, you’ll receive Admission Letter, Visa,Application Form (JW202) and other registration documents.

Step5: Apply for Visa (X1 or X2)

Step6: Register at YIT on time

III.Dead Line

1.Application is available from April 1st to June 15th every year. Outstanding applicants will be selected before July 1st and Admission Letter will be delivered to qualified applicants. There is no further notice if you are not admitted.

2.Chinese proficiency test is held fornew language students after registration at YIT. Please prepare for the test.


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