Intention from Yancheng Institute of Technology, China
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                                           Seeking International Cooperation for Education

  Yancheng Institute of Technology wishes to cooperate with the concerned foreign universities throughout the world in the following items:

  1. Exchange of teachers for the purpose of academic teaching and research.

  2. Exchange and joint training of excellent undergraduate students.

  3. Reciprocal invitation of senior experts for giving academic reports, offering new technological or academic lectures, making academic researches, holding academic conference and developing various short-term academic exchange activities.

  4. Development of mutually beneficial academic programs and researches.

  5. Exchange of books, documentation and research materials.

  6. Coordination of activities of mutual interest.

  Yancheng Institute of Technology appreciates those foreign universities which are interested in our intent for international cooperation, and welcome their timely contact with us, so that we can come to the details of the implementation, have a careful negotiation and sign interrelated agreement.


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