Foreign Experts and Teachers Work Permit
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 Foreign Experts and Teachers who work in Chinashall obtain the Work Permit, without which they can not be employed as foreign experts and Teachers.

1. Application Materials Required

1) Resume (including education and work experience)

2) Copy of Passport

2) Copy of the documentation of highest degree attained

3) Copy of the certification of specialty qualification

3) Health certificate issued by foreign health institutions designated by China's embassy

4) Copy of employment contract

5) Digital picture (two-inch)

6) Letters of recommendation

2. Application for Work Visa (Z)

Foreign experts and teachers planning to work inChinashall apply for the Work Visa (Z). Required documents are: the original Work Permit, invitation letter of Duly authorized unit byJiangsuprovincial department of education, and valid passport. If the Work Visa (Z) is issued the applicant,Chinaembassy will keep the original Work Permit, whereas the employers will keep a copy of it.