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Training program and objectives

Talent Training Program for Tourism Management Specialty

(Taking Tourism Management Specialty as an example)

Department of Discipline: Management

First, training objectives

Cultivation of the comprehensive development of art and has good humanities and social science literacy, international vision, service consciousness, innovation spirit, has the good management, economics theory accomplishment, grasp modern tourism management basic theories, specialized knowledge and professional skills, scenic spots, tourist hotels, travel agencies management ability, Capable of organizing and managing tourist attractions, tourist hotels and tourist administrative departments.

Knowledge, ability and quality that graduates should possess

1. Master the basic theoretical knowledge of economics and management, master the basic theory and professional knowledge of tourism management, familiar with the management procedures and skills of tourist attractions, tourist hotels and travel agencies.

2. Familiar with China's tourism policies, laws and regulations and international practices, understand the development of tourism trends.

3. Ability to use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze, research and solve practical problems in tourism management.

4. Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, and have strong computer application ability.

5. Good command of a foreign language, and good listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills.

6. Have good independent learning ability, establish lifelong learning consciousness, have the ability of continuous learning and adapt to development.

7. Have professional writing ability, strong language expression ability and communication ability, with international vision.

8. Understand China's national conditions, humanities and social science literacy, social responsibility, responsibility, contribute to the country, serve the society.

9. Have good ideological and moral cultivation, professional ethics and physical and mental quality.

10. Have strong innovation spirit, entrepreneurial consciousness and teamwork ability.

Length of schooling and degree

Standard length of schooling: four years of schooling: three to eight Years Degree conferred: Bachelor of Management

4. Main subjects

Business administration, Applied Economics

5. Main Courses

Principles of management, introduction to tourism, the tourism industry, tourism destination management, consumer behavior, tourism economics, tourism policies and regulations, planning and development of tourism, tourist marketing, tourism human resources management, professional tourism heard that, the scenic area management, operation and management of travel agency, the tour guide business, tourism project planning, etc.

Six, the main practice

Tourism market survey, travel agency internship, tourism scenic spot internship, hotel business internship, graduation internship, graduation thesis.


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